måndag 15 september 2008

Destination nowhere.

The problem with taking long vacations is that when you´re back you can´t fully explain everything you experienced and how you felt about it. Even though I´m mostly writing this to my future self. Let´s say my summer was very eventful. Some of the things I did:

* lived in a commune in middle of moroccan neighbourhood.

* horrible jobhunt and even had a job interview entirely in flemish (and got the job!, 5 rock-points )

* but ended up working as bartender in Kelly´s Irish Pub! Great place!:)

* Kat came over from London and together with Lieve and Marlous we went to ROCK WERCHTER!! Amazing time! We saw The Gossip, The Hives, KT Tunstall, Kate Nash, Ben Harper, Kings of Leon (missed most of it), Radiohead and last but certainly the best Sigur Rós... DAMN they were good!..I actually saw people crying. I think I was crying as well.

* Gentse Feesten! A 10 day festival in Gent!! What a great invention.. Great party with a great group of people! Liesbet, Marlous, Meintje, Thijs, Gudrun and Marian! Too much sangria.

* Karin and Ingrid came all the way from Sweden to visit us.. again Gentse feesten, beer tasting, touristing, Red and Blue etc.

* Seb came to visit me for few days and we did what we do best. Hang out together.

* More Kelly´s after-work-stafftrips to sleazy karaokebars til 9 in the morning than I like to confess to.

* Amazing 1 week surprise-trip to Iceland from and with Marlous.

Got to see my beautiful family and friends:)

But if I would describe my summer i´d say typical everyday bartenderlife. Lots and lots of reading and visiting friends in Antwerp cafés and bars (which are some of the best!).

Not to mention The People Watch... Antwerp has such diversity (unlike Sweden) that you can waste a whole day drinking belgian beer and just watch people..having the best time of your life. Especially if you are sitting next to my Kelly´s colleague, irish Joanne. We literally wasted a whole summer playing "Would you rather" which is the greatest game invented.

Would you rather:

Rules are simple. You just give your game partner two "equally" totally HORRIBLE choices to make. Example:

"would you rather..."

lick the toiletseat in the mens room of that discusting bar or lick this ashtray (with ash in it)?

work behind the bar topless? or pantsless?

have a female upper body and male lower body or vice versa?

...these are some of the most innocent ones.. I dont even want to repeat some of the things that came out of ones dirty imagination during daily belgian beer tasting. Most of the time it included some of the following: sex with somebody obnoxious, eating vomit, having brown teeth, a nipple on your cheek/pubic hair between your eyes or wearing the same clothes for 5 years...

Now Im back in Lund! Drowning in schoolwork but managed to go to Copenhagen to visit Tinna and Helga, Reunion with Andreas, Ariman with new people, Back to school parties, Mamma Mia with Karin etc. (im never taking a 3 month blog-vacation again..)

When you are going through a break-up you apparently get alot of advise from people..

Some wise ones: "you are young, just think one year at a time" (mom, Tinna and Brynja)

Some not-so-wise: "just get drunk and make out with a lot of people" (Fleur and Doug)

Im finding myself getting into the ones I find wise.. It´s kind of exciting when you don´t know what will happen with your life (you never knew anyway); everything is just "lets see":)

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Helga og Bragi sa...

Hæhæ! Ég er fyrst að kommenta jeeei hehe:) Gaman að sjá þig um daginn, ég kem fljótlega í heimsókn yfir brúna! Verðum í bandi! Kveðja, Helga fræ

drifais sa...

Ja var rosa gaman ad sja fraenku aftur! thu ert svo velkomin ad thad naer engri átt!
bandi, drífa